miércoles, 13 de febrero de 2008

Batman and... superobin?.

Lo que pasa es que estamos de a full con el laburo. Entonces se me complica dibujar y hacer mis cosas... pero bueno en cuanto pueda subir las cosas que estoy haciendo las pondre enseguida.
Ehhh!! se me presento una duda sigo hablando en castellano o en ingles... en fin... probemos la globalización por un tiempo...Ok... I really love the way of Sean Galloway, D. Brizuela, so... I try to start to draw that way. So I think and "elsewords"... the Wayne family one night see a light falling from the sky. So little Bruce and his dad, go and see what it's that... and they found a baby in the ground. They keep it, and take care like a son... they called it "Clark". The other night a thiev shot on the family ... killing Mr and Ms. Wayne, but the baby immune to the bullets save Bruce's life. From this night Bruce realized that his brother have great powers ... with which Bruce swear to avenge the death of his parents, with his small brother Clark, as a sideckik.

I started to paint...